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Official POA and Communities List [Community] (2)

The list of official and community communication channels of POA.

About the Community category [Community] (1)
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Mana-Ethereum Roadmap 2019 [Roadmap] (2)

Here you can find the 2019 roadmap for Mana, an Ethereum client build in Elixir.

TokenBridge Roadmap 2019 [Roadmap] (2)

The 2019 roadmap for TokenBridge contains a lot of improvements including a bridge for dPoS network, easier configuration and arbitrary message bridging

BlockScout Roadmap 2019 [Roadmap] (2)

The future for BlockScout can be divided into three main sections including UI/UX, data interaction, and adoption.

POA Core Roadmap 2019 [Roadmap] (2)

For POA Core, the roadmap of 2019 includes increased adoption, improved consensus and upgraded governance.

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