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Legal The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. R&D Research and Developments of POA Core and related products. Sokol Testnet Sokol is a testnet for POA Core.<br> Updates of POA Core are tested on the test network first.<br> The category will host information about network updates and other related information. Network Updates Announcements of significant updates on POA Core network Validators intro Introduction of validators and candidates for validators Wallets and Exchanges Guides on using the different POA compatible wallets and exchanges. Wiki Materials which are specific to POA Core or Sokol networks.
Core network resources [POA Core] (1)

Here you will find resources which will help you start developing on Core network.

Tutorial: Deploying your DApp to POA Network [POA Core] (2)

POA Network is an extremely fast, low-cost network that is 100% compatible with Ethereum. This means you create as you normally would for Ethereum, but when you deploy to POA Network you get the benefit of a fast sidecha…

About the POA Core category [POA Core] (1)
Open Source Dapps [R&D] (12)
Pending Transactions [Sokol Testnet] (2)
Bugfix on Core network (step 2) [POA Core] (3)
Kiryl Ihnatsyeu - Miami, FL - Notary Public [Validators intro] (3)
Sokol Testnet resources [Sokol Testnet] (1)

Here you will find resources which will help you start developing on **Sokol** network. Network ID: 77

Bugfix on Core network (step 1) [POA Core] (2)
AlphaWallet Guide [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
First round of POA Core emission funds discussion, February 2019 ( 2 3 ) [POA Core] (46)
Wallet: Ledger Nano S | Hardware [Wallets and Exchanges] (2)
Wallet: MetaMask | Extension [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
Tan Tran, California [Validators intro] (4)
Wallet: Trust Wallet | Android, iOS [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
Wallet: MyCrypto | Web, Mobile Web [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
Wallet: Nifty Wallet | Extension [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
Wallet: MyEtherWallet (MEW) | Web, Mobile Web [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
POA Validators & Candidates Guide ( 2 3 ) [Validators intro] (41)

Created on behalf of @igorbarinov for the community to use as visual guides of the validator process.

Are Validators Different? [Legal] (1)
Managing Emission Fund [Wiki] (3)
Parity 2.3.2 and St.Petersfork [Sokol Testnet] (3)
POA Network: Consensus Upgrade and Economics Update [POA Core] (1)
Bugfix test on Sokol testnet (step 2) [Sokol Testnet] (2)
Validators validation [Legal] (12)
Exchange: HitBTC [Wallets and Exchanges] (1)
Validators’ node down time and action protocol ( 2 ) [POA Core] (25)
Governance Discussion - Validator Node Uptime Protocols [POA Core] (10)
Bugfix test on Sokol testnet (step 1) [Sokol Testnet] (6)
HENRY VISHNEVSKY, WA Notary Public [Validators intro] (4)