Wiki The wiki category of the TokenBridge contains everything there is related to the TokenBridge. This includes <strong>full documentation</strong>, <strong>different components</strong>, <strong>smart contracts</strong> and <strong>tutorials</strong>. POA20 Bridge POA20 is a two way bridge between POA Core and Ethereum network.<br> Users can move their native POA token to ERC20-compatible POA20 token using the app. Releases WETC Bridge
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About the TokenBridge category 2 January 23, 2019
TokenBridge Monitor 2.1.0 Release 1 April 17, 2019
Bridge-UI Compilation error 11 April 16, 2019
ETC - WETC Bridge Validator Node Setup 1 April 12, 2019
WETC Resources and Tutorials

Here you will find resources which will contain all the official resources and documentations on the WETC Bridge Accessing the WETC Bridge: WETC App:…

2 April 12, 2019
Tutorial: Trading WETC in IDEX 1 April 12, 2019
Press about ETC Bridge 1 March 1, 2019
Block reward contract 2 April 11, 2019
WETC Listed on IDEX Exchange 1 April 10, 2019
Quick bridge questions 7 April 6, 2019
How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge on MetaMask

How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge Log into your wallet either through the Metamask or Nifty Wallet. For the purposes of this tutorial we use Metamask. Connect to the Custom RPC Chain using the following input paramet…

10 April 5, 2019
How fees work on the ETC-WETC TokenBridge 1 March 30, 2019
How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge on Saturn Wallet & Trade WETC / ETH on Saturn Network 1 April 4, 2019
Introducing ETC Bridge and wrapped Ethereum Classic (WETC)

Interoperability is a significant driver for the growth of blockchain technology. The ability for standalone networks to communicate and share value with one another in a fast and secure manner creates an open and effi…

2 April 8, 2019
How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge on Nifty Wallet 1 April 3, 2019
TokenBridge Oracle 1.2.0 Release 1 April 1, 2019
TokenBridge UI 2.1.0-rc0 Release 1 April 1, 2019
How to relay ETC to WETC without usage of the TokenBridge UI app 1 March 28, 2019
ETC-WETC Bridge parameters

The contracts for the ETC-WETC bridge have been deployed to the networks and the TokenBridge oracle is running. ETC-WETC bridge parameters: Ethereum Classic Bridge contract address: 0x073081832B4Ecdce79d4D6753565c85…

2 April 2, 2019
Introduction of validators of the WETC bridge 1 March 27, 2019
End User Licensing Agreement and Terms of Service 1 March 25, 2019
ERC20-to-ERC20 Bridge Deployment 6 March 21, 2019
Information on xeth? 3 March 20, 2019
TokenBridge roles: Administrators, Validators and Users 1 February 26, 2019
Universal, ondemand TokenBridge? 5 March 1, 2019
FAQ: POA20 General Questions 1 January 23, 2019
Native-to-ERC20 Environment Variables 1 February 5, 2019
ERC20-to-Native Environmental Variables 1 February 10, 2019
Bridge Definitions, Networks, and Components

The TokenBridge allows users to transfer assets between two chains in the Ethereum ecosystem. Digital assets (either coins or tokens, depending on the bridge mode) are locked in one network and representative assets (coins/tokens) are minted in another. When the process is reversed, the representative assets are burned on the network where they were minted, and the locked assets are released.

5 February 1, 2019
Consortium bridge 9 January 30, 2019