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Wallets Instructions how to use wallets on xDai Chain. Burner Wallet Validators Support [Public] πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» Validators Intro Organizations interested in participating as validators on the xDAI dPOS implementation can post their application requests here. More information about validator requirements and onboarding will be available soon. Governance Category with topics regarding xDai Chain governance Proposals Wiki The xDai wiki includes information for validator candidates and current validators.
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About the xDai Chain category 1 January 22, 2019
xDai Chain resources

Here you will find resources which will help you start developing on xDai Chain.

13 May 12, 2019
xDai Chain Frequently Asked Questions

What is xDai Chain xDai Chain is a new network created by POA Network that uses XDai, a representation of Dai on the new network, as its native currency. This means that all transactions and gas costs are done in XDai. …

2 January 22, 2019
xDai Chain Official Announcement

Oct 18, 2018 POA Network has launched the first ever blockchain where the native currency of the chain is USD-stable. xDai Chain, an Ethereum compatible sidechain with Dai as the native currency of the network, combin…

4 January 22, 2019
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Current xDai Validators: Add a new validator to the bridge [ BRIDGE VALIDATORS] 1 March 25, 2019
1: Validator Candidate Process 1 March 13, 2019
2: Current xDai Validators: Ballot process to elect a new validator 1 March 20, 2019
Getting Started: New validator process flow 1 March 13, 2019
3: New xDai Validator: After you have been approved as a Validator 4 April 10, 2019
Please Is the xDai token available? If yes, how can we get one? it is possible to pay with a visa card? 11 April 10, 2019
Generic Bridge for ERC20/ERC1155/ERC721 from xdai to eth mainnet 10 April 10, 2019
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xDai Wallets (Mobile, Web, Extensions) 1 March 9, 2019