01node as a validator

Hello, my name is Claudiu, operator of 01node Validator and we want to be part of Xdai!

We have a great track record in terms of uptime/performance on all the chains we validate on [Cosmos, Iris, Terra, Skale, Near, Solana, Thegraph, Chainlink], we have a great focus in security and infrastructure and we want to become validator on Xdai!

We will do our best to maintain a high quality validator and share our knowledge with the community, thank you.

more about us:


As discussed: We checked the guide (Become a Candidate / Validator - xDai STAKE) again and it seems you no longer need a recommendation / voting process, but you just register yourself, pay the fee and get elected.

To all others: us from Anyblock know Claudiu as a fellow Chainlink node operator, and would be thrilled to have him support the xDAIverse as well!


Hello everybody!

I personally know Claudiu for some years, he is an “old school” blockchain veteran, in the space from the early days. A great and trustworthy guy that was always active in our local communities, helping and supporting the new comers.

I also know 01node, his validator business from the early days of Game of Stakes, the Cosmos incentivised testnet where we both participated. He runs a top level infra, mostly composed of his own personally owned Bare Metal servers, collocated in multiple Data Centers for redundancy and uptime.

Thus being said, we, syncnode validator strongly propose 01node for a ecosystem fund delegation to join as a new validator in the xDAI validator’s set as we think this will bring a lot of value and increased confidence for the community and token holders.

Thank you!



I’m sorry for asking this but where is the address that’s holding 20,000 STAKE?
Shouldn’t holding 20,000 STAKE be the requirement in order to make a proposal to become validator?


This is a proposal to delegation of tokens from the Ecosystem Fund (EcoFund) Proxy | 0x5e78c09984bd6608f8e913f0924062c043ed6ad7 which hold enough tokens for such delegation

it fits into the fund’s roadmap


Does 01node contribute or deploy any project on xDai?

Hi Claudiu,

Receiving 20K free STAKE and then having a very large yearly income stream is certainly a large sum of money. I would like to ask what “sharing your knowledge” with the community is. Will you be helping promote STAKE? if so how?
Thank you for your time and interest

hello, yes, we plan to contribute to xDai, mostly on the validator side, we have some ideas where we can make improvements, gonna get gack to you in a day or two.

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Hei Joe, we run validators as our core for almost 3 years now, Part of our planning is to make some delegation and network introductions guides [to promote xdai] also we will start working on some small tools [alerts and monitoring] for validators, along with some good security practices, this is mostly validator orientated. This is in the pipeline as of now, we ll do our best to sustain the network in the future, hope you guys have a great day.

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In order to further decentralize the chain, the xDai team will transfer one of its current validator nodes to 01node. We expect 01node to join as a new validator from epoch 56 - subject to change.

Signaling snapshot vote (Snapshot) for 01node already ended yesterday, and the community has shown overwhelming support for this proposal.

This will have the same effect as initially requested delegation from the Ecosystem Fund but without adding additional subsidized STAKE to the protocol.


The transition has occurred and 01node validator is now active: xDai Staking DApp - BlockScout

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We would like to thank everyone for support and the warm welcome! Thank you! We are very gratefull!

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