100KETH need for Defi test

We are making our own Token project within the scope of the DeFi project. We need to do a lot of tests over the Kovan test network. We looked at all the other sites on the internet. We tried the chainlink faucet but it is not sending us any test ethereum at the moment.
If I were to talk about the details of our project. We intend to issue a new token using solidity programming on Ethereum. For this, we write various smart contracts and test the test processes of the contracts we have written via java script. We need to use a lot of test ethereum for the transactions we do over the Kovan network, so we can’t perform our transactions and our project is interrupted. If you send us 100 KETH, it will be more than enough for us. Our project is currently under development, so we would appreciate it if you could help us.

Our address: 0xEd00Bbc8421c69235f528390160F733462594390

We will be glad if you help.

I sent you 50 KETH to the above address.