1INCH transfer from ERC20 to BEP20, tokens not received


I transferred 1INCH from ERC20 to BEP20 using https://tokenbridge.justliquidity.org/, but still didn’t receive the tokens after several hours.

The tx is still in waiting state: AMB Live Monitoring.

I searched on this forum and it seems that a few folks have had a similar issue with other tokens, and they were advised to contact “their” support. Can someone please clarify who maintains the bridge and which support should be contacted?

Appreciate any pointers.


You need to find out who deployed this bridge. I believe, you got the link to https://tokenbridge.justliquidity.org/ somewhere so the best way is to start digging from that: who provided that link and why you trusted them.

Thanks Alexander. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a link to it from anywhere, so no idea who runs it. I came across that bridge on my own, while looking for options to transfer tokens across networks and for some reason figured that I could trust a service from justliquidity.org. I have contacted their support.