300 KETH for liquidity pools integration & user testing

Hi guys,
Recently we won EthLondon (https://devpost.com/software/daj-get-your-future-interest-right-now) with an idea of fixed-rate lending protocol. One of the innovations was forwarding funds to third party liquidity pools like Aave and Compound. To correctly test how such redirection will affect rates we will need larger amounts of KETH.
It will also be useful for user tesing where we can drop small amounts of ether and kovan Dai to our testers so they can avoid the hassle of getting the necessary tokens by themselves.
Thats the address:
Thanks for your kind help !!!

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Cool idea. We sent you 10x KETH you requested for testing

Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks Igor for the help and your kind words.

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Please send me 10 keth

Thx sir God bless u