500 KETH for app testing

We are building a blockchain-based fake news detection system, and we require a significative KETH amount for testing it.

We would need 500-1000 KETH to fully test it :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards!

Could you explain the token flow for testing? Do you have a Github repo so people can better understand the DApp?

Unfortunately, the project is an internal project at the moment, so I cannot share such details for the moment.

We run exhaustive processing tests. We are trying to consider all possible cases at the moment.

If it’s an internal test, any tokens spend should be returned to you. Why do you need a large volume? When will project be active on Kovan?

The project should be active on Kovan in the following weeks, and we would need such a large volume to make sure we can run any future needed tests.

In case the volume is too large, we can return the spare KETH back to you. 100 KETH would work too for the beginning, however.

@1proof As you have requested previously, I have pushed the project contracts to a public repository so that you can have a look, here: https://github.com/robery567/valid-article-contracts/tree/master/truffle/contracts

We would need ASAP 100-200 KETH in order to run some tests on Kovan.


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Thanks for posting. Looks like an interesting concept! Hopefully admins here will send you some KETH soon. How do you plan on keeping your voting system from being gamed?

The approach we have taken for the moment is manual validation of the account, based on a valid identity proof, to avoid having multiple accounts/individuals and making sure the voter has the identity he/she is claiming to have.

It’s an interesting issue. I have a few Kovan and just sent some to your wallet listed above; hopefully you’ll be sent more soon by forum admin.

Would you consider deploying your app on the POA Network? Much faster and less expensive for your App users than the currently congested Ethereum Network, and testing on the Sokol network is virtually identical to Kovan. The Sokol Network Faucet for developers can be found at:

Hope to see you deploy to Sokol. Would be interested to help with testing!

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Thank you very much, I’ll have a look over Sokol these days.

@admins can you have a look please? :slight_smile:

please enjoy your KETH

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