A couple of security questions

Hi POA community,

We’re looking to start an ICO in a couple of days.

We have actually done everything we needed, and talked to a couple of companies who offer ICO management software (most of them ask for $40-50k), so that’s the only thing to secure now.

Now I have ran into POA network, where I could create and execute the whole ICO process, when it comes to tokens, right?

I am wondering how are you handling security, if you are, and how can we know our funds are 100% safe?

We have also seen that your smart contracts are a bit outdated, what problems could that bring us, and should we update them ourselves?

What is the revenue model? Is the service completely free (except gas)?

I’d love to know more about how this works to know how we can proceed further, and any help will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: