A name for the new testnet

We need a new name for the testnet, which will be human readable in English.
In Ethereum tradition testnet has a metro station name.
We have a list of Metro stations in Moscow where most of our team is originally from.
We selected some good names of metro stations:

  • Sokol
  • Aeroport
  • Dinamo
  • Fili
  • Spartak
  • Perovo

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You can get more stations here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Moscow_Metro_stations

@viktorbaranov @phahulin please vote too… you’ll create the network (with Parity 1.8, updated Governance and Ceremony contracts/dapps, 25 keys)

I just love how “Sokol” looks - like something from the future dropped into the present…

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Sokol does it for me. Though I’m Nevski kind of person.


I like Sokol too… It vibrates Sokol Beer ads inside me


Damn! I like this even more now… Love the imagery - it really is befitting of the project and goals…


Curious, what is a “Nevski kind of person”?

Also, looked at some images of Moscow Metro Stations from list above

Also like Sokol … my affection for beer and the following image did it for me …


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This is the main train station in St.Petersburg. That unending competition between Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Got it! I am familiar with the Moscow v St. Petersburg rivalry. now I gotta check out Nevski station.

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