A Strong Marketing Push Is Not Just Wanted Its NEEDED!

***UPDATE View the update section below, if you already read this post…

Why I’m concerned/ Rationale

We are getting thrashed in market value compared to competing l2s and need a serious push to survive and stay competitive. This is not just an oversight, this is fact. Look at the rate of BSC & Matic adoption in the last month compared to us when we have just as good tech. Adoption is key and WE NEED to accumulate some fresh market value to continue to stay alive and strong. If we coordinate with the upcoming facelift proposal titled “A new look for xDai” on snapshot, we can show off our new image too.

xDai price is falling, but you don’t complain about it, you do something about it!! I’m not an xdai dev but I’m am a deFi dev on the chain so my interest is part of THIS ecosystem and its growth. Adoption = Success. Alone we fail, together we shine. As a community we have the power to turn sour ass lemons into the best bloody lemonade you ever tasted.

So here’s my proposal:

Pay for a series of press releases on major crypto publishing outlets eg (bitcoin. com, cointelagtaph. com, coindesk. com etc) promoting deFi adoption on the xDai platform. Why deFi? Well it’s why L2 is poping off on other l2 chains and xdai is finally seeing some good projects launch on chain, so we need to shine some light on them and share with outsiders that xDai is a serious contender.

On the xDai Stake side, we can run some direct press releases on the upcoming Facelift and new Consensus model and highlight all the new projects coming and have freshly arrived.

On the Defi Dev side, we can have each participating project run their own story/product then include a strong segment about xDai and what makes its special and why we’ve chosen this chain over others. And then of course write these articles, fund the advertising for them, and drip them out the upcoming month as a collective proof and push of new xDai adoption.

Funding Problem/Solution

Now listen, I can’t pay for 20 consecutive publishings myself so I’m going to need other deFi/stake devs marketing leads to step up and join the effort. You would be expected to write your exposé of your xDai related app promoting any aspect about it you’d like and ( I can help with connecting you to the publisher based on your budget ) and pay for the majority of your budget if not all of it yourself.

I will gladly kick off the effort since I’m launching a new deFi project next week called Rare Coin, which allows anyone to claim some RARE for free and then stake it to earn more. However, alone its just one project promoting their work, together it’s adding global exposure to the xDai network & collectively our combined reach can REALLY make a big impact on adoption and put xDai on the map!!

This will be a community-wide effort! None devs can contribute in the following way

  1. Share each article that gets published on socials. This will spread reach and exposure to every bit we have access too!
  2. Support each deFi project that joins the cause, by checking out their offerings, endorsing them, and if you like them, investing in their project.
  3. Donate directly to the campaign to help pay for the press costs (implement if enough interest more info below)

Raising Capital Collectively

IF we have enough interest in this proposal, I will create a simple smart contract that will help pay for each participating project’s advertising costs that joins the effort and as a reward, projects can even supply some of their coins or stake back to the user as a thank you for their donation. If we have an NFT partnership, perhaps they can award a limited edition NFT for their donation.

We could optionally set it up like a Kickstarter. Once we have our final participating project count, I can get a final quote back from the publishers and we can set an appropriate goal, then if we don’t hit it, it gets refunded to the user.

Timeline & Execution Plan

I will be reaching out to xDai devs I personally I know to see if there is any interest in this and I’ll also be Reposting this all around the community (1hive, xDai telegram, project-related discord) Once I get a number of participating projects commits who would like sponsours, we can discuss budget and how much funding we will need. For example, it costs roughly $1500 cheaper end and up to $5000 per article depending on which publisher you choose. From there we can create a global funding goal, create a contract and start raising capital within each of our communities. During this time you can self fund or promote the globe funding campaign and solidify the story you would like published. Then we just drip them out one by one the following month. I can help coordinate publishing connections and release dates so we can have a good spread of marketing throughout the month.

It will most likely take about a month to drum up enough interest just to get project lead commits, create the contract and finalize the budgets, And then a month to drip them out. I would love to have the first stories rolled out next in April!

##So here’s what to do next!

• If you are admin please, Pin this post :pray:
• If you are just a reader, reply with :heart:
• If you are a xDai product manager, leave a message below and reach out to me directly on telegram @rarify and let me know if you would like to commit your project to a placement with the number of placements you would like & if you want to go self-funded or collab on a funding campaign. From there I can start coordinating stories and lock in some deals with the press.

Either way, I’m not sitting back and just hoping for change. To be clear I will be launching some articles regardless if anyone else joins the party. So stand up with me and Let’s show other chains we are a real collective powerhouse and get involved, its a win-win for all!!


I will be updating a list by the end of the week of quotes from a variety of publishers. Here is what I have so far…

  • Bitcoin,com | Single Article $1500
  • Bitcoinist | Waiting Qoutes
  • Newsbtc | Single Article $799
  • Decrypt | Waiting Qoutes
  • Cointelegraph | Single Article $4g, 3x Articles Bulk Discount $9.7g (3.2k each), 10x Articles Bulk Discount (2.5k each) <= this may be an option if we can partner with enough projects

Committed Projects List

  • RARE COIN : Self Funded | 2 Articles | budget $1500-3000 | eta release 1-2 weeks

Released Articles List

  • A dark horse in the Ethereum scaling wars? Chainlink’s oracles find fertile ground on xDai cointelegraph,com/news/a-dark-horse-in-the-ethereum-scaling-wars-chainlink-s-oracles-find-fertile-ground-on-xdai
  • All you can eat: SushiSwap deploys contracts on five new networks: cointelegraph,com/news/all-you-can-eat-sushiswap-deploys-contracts-on-five-new-networks

UPDATE: If you are a xDai product manager, leave a message below and reach out to me directly on telegram @rarify and let me know if you would like to commit your project to a placement with the number of placements you would like & if you want to go self-funded or collab on a funding campaign. From there I can start coordinating stories and lock in some deals with the press. (FOR SELF FUNDED OPTION) please view the qoutes listed above! I will update as I get new quotes.

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Any updates on this. There are some great ideas here and we need to start a hard push for the success and growth

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I see some poster on official twitter, guess the team is working on that.

However, we are launching a new DeFi project on xDai but I cannot even find proper connection to discuss PR/assistance with xDai…

So a general PR to xDai ecosystem is definitely needed, either through centralized effort from the team, or decentralized effort from all projects.

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Agreed, this should be considered after the rebrand is done !

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Is there a team member to comment on this?

how do we get a community vote on this

i feel like igor needs to be a little more transparent with XDAI’S treasury,

    much respect to the team and all the developers but sometimes you just need to bit the bullet and fork out the money to please the developers and investors. i know im not the only one thinking this.

come on IGOR you know its time.

I think part the reason for the confusion between xdai and stake is that on coingecko and coin market cap what we are seeing is

  • xdai stake (STAKE)
    That needs to be addressed and changed,
    Xdai shouldn’t be advertised on the existing platforms coingecko/coin market cap , what should be listed is STAKE as the individual volatile token that it is.
    People then understand that this token is volatile
    and can be purchased from multiple exchanges. Dumb it down like literally!

Separate xdai and stake completely

create a web page for the xdai chain and then create a separate page for stake and it’s use.

I also believe that if STAKE is to have value then xdai needs to be supporting as many projects as possible. Not just the low cap and mid caps but high caps need to be implementing xdai, because the more support xdai network provides the more value it deserves.

We don’t even need to pay for articles like this. We just need a rebrand to coincide with the EIP update. I don’t understand why such a golden project like this, which I have been following for over a year, is not punching above its belt. It’s like a cancer hospital in here with zero enthusiasm half the time, radio silence other times, and just overall bland.

It’s L2/L1 season, it’s time to really shine here. Seriously.

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