Absolute Beginners guide to create ICO

Hi Guys,

Looking for an absolute Beginners guide to beginning the ICO, broken down into individual steps and preferably more content surrounding that. Is there anything available as such? I’ve looked thru the forums and watched the videos etc. However nothing as per setting up the necessary tools, environments, wallets, then proceeding forward to ICO creation and launch. If we utilize this tool, can we implement other addresses, i.e. litecoin, bitcoin, bitcoin cast etc? for contribution?

I would suggest checking out this video. @hashguide created an excellent video describing features and steps


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Looked at that video, got to the confirm transaction screen and boom, can’t go any further, step 3 for some reason on the wizard froze on me as well. Was trying to create on Ropsten test network, tried to get ether, to test and deploy however nothing at all.

OK, past that point, where does the Gas Limit and Gas Price need to be to deploy a test ICO? Also noticed the whitelist feature, however once ICO is deployed, how do we whitelist investors? It doesn’t seem to work with the video link you sent me, i.e. the limits on the video say " 1 " , I’ve tried multiple deployments and still they all failed.

Here is a Gitter channel dedicated to Token Wizard: