Accidentally sent BNBs to the DAI address instead to my Metamask wallet

Hi. I was trying to swap my BNB tokens to DAI tokens at Metamask, but instead I sent them to the DAI address. I beg you to help me revert that transfer, please. Here are the data:

Transaction Hash: 0x26cfd662ba5bfb5609162fe33c59e2e0d07e7bce6f40dd11d56ddc7bfe99f72c

Block: 12678645

Timestamp: Nov-15-2021 08:55:24 PM +UTC

Transfer from:

Transfer to:

Thank you in advance

Just add the DAI token to your MetaMask wallet.

I did it already, but the balance is 0. The thing is: I sent BNBs from the Binance Smart Chain to the DAI adress at the Palm Chain., but without swaping to DAI first. Is it a way to see my sent BNBs at the Palm Chain? I have tried to add Binance in the Palm Chain and DAI in the Smart Chain but it didnĀ“t work. Please, I need your help. Thank you in advance.