Accidentally sent CHZ to a wallet meant for Fan Tokens

I need help.

Yesterday while the Socios app was down due to the release of the Argentina Fan Token, I transferred CHZ from Binance to my Socios wallet. However, in a Socios account there are two wallets. One is used to store Fan Tokens and the other is for the coin native to the platform: CHZ.

I was stupid enough to mix up the two addresses and now my CHZ has been successfully transferred to the wrong wallet. And now I can’t retrieve them.

This is the transaction:

Instead of sending the CHZ to wallet 0x3a915da062c630b57f490122f2cb1fed46c7fbac, I should have sent them to 0x1B2B1fF4534cac634f3df96aD3410ad16D90CA15.

I can prove to be the owner of all wallets involved.

Now I don’t even know who to contact and since the Chiliz Explorer is powered by BlockScout I figured I’d start asking here. I hope it is possible for me to retrieve the stake and someone will be able to help out…

Many thanks in advance!

I advise to find a way to contact directly Chiliz.

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