Adam Kagy, ID - Notary Public

Hello, my name is Adam Kagy. I am a 35 year old software engineer living in Victor, Idaho. I was drawn to POA Network in October 2017 after reading the POA whitepaper and learning about POA’s faster, cheaper consensus method and scalable solution. I was hooked. What really got me excited was a Medium article that outlined cross chain bridging and POA’s solution to provide a transfer of value across different public and private blockchains and tokens.

My career began working as a web developer writing PHP and ASP scripts while still an undergrad at Illinois State University majoring in Computer Science with an Economics minor. After graduation I have worked for small software companies as a full stack developer writing mostly C#, javascript + react/angular front ends and architecting database designs. The past 6 years as tech teams have become more distributed I have had the freedom to work remotely. My involvement within blockchain started in 2013 when I tested the waters mining Bitcoin. I became more interested in the utility behind tokens and their potential value as a mechanism for change. As part of keeping current with state-of-the-art, I have been branching out to learn solidity, blockchain mechanics and design patterns. With a combined 16+ years experience in the software industry my passion for development has never been stronger.

I am a huge open source advocate and love helping and teaching others. I believe in giving back hence my involvement with non-profits such as “Share the Slate” based in Crested Butte, CO where I served on the board and helped write apps for data collection. I am involved in various investment and networking groups, contributed to creating a windows fork for Sentinel (a governance agent) for a Dash fork and am currently working on a project to help people better understand blockchain projects through statistical and data analysis called Tokenapex.

To help support the effort, I have deployed and run a bootnode on the Sokol network (Bootnode Sokol Las Vegas A). I would be honored to become a validator and steward of POA network, one of the best and highest impact movements in blockchain today. Through my extensive experience, versatility and contacts within the software development community I can be a valuable asset to help drive POA growth and lend a helping hand with real world use cases. Thank you for your consideration!

Name: Adam Kagy
State of Idaho Notary Public Commission number: 20180498
Online link to Idaho Secretary of State Notary Public Status:



Hello, Adam, thanks for the intro and nice to see a face with the name! I see your posts regularly in the POA Network Community Telegram channel and your messages always seem well thought out. It is always good to have programmers with different experience in the POA community; nice to see someone interested in blockchain that also has front-end experience.
Thanks for running A Sokol Test network Bootnode and I am happy you reached out for deployment tips. You seem like someone that is willing to pitch in and lend a hand. Also happy to see someone from a diverse State (Idaho) interested in participating; this really helps with decentralization and geographic diversity. I look forward to welcoming you aboard.



Welcome, Adam!
It’s very great intro of you. I would like to see you being our validator on Sokol testnet first.
I think you have great background to become a validator for POA network


Welcome Adam! Impressive technical background, and I love that you support and have been following POA since it was “Oracles”.

How long have you been running your bootnode on the Sokol Network? With 16 years in the software industry I wish you’d become active on the POA forum, because you’d bring much value :slight_smile: Welcome Adam! I agree with Roman I think you have a great background to become a validator too :slight_smile:


Thank you Lillian, I’m humbled by your kind words!

I’ve been running my bootnode on Sokol for the last 3-4 days and testing deployment on a few different VPS hosts. Yes, I’ve been a huge supporter since it was named “Oracles”. I’ve been active on the telegram for a long time, but started actively contributing to the forums recently. Such an awesome community!


Welcome Adam! Great background. Excellent organization.

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Welcome Adam! Will be great to have another developer participate as a validator! Let me say Welcome to Core Network in advanced, results looking good so far.

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Please I sent POA to HITbtc POA20 wallet address and I’m not seeing the token in my HITbtc balance although the POA is in in the wallet address if I check through POA explorer.

Please what can I do to have my token back?

@ajkagy I had all the money 18k taken from my Trust Wallet account. I can see that you are the validator. I dont fully understand how this works but i want to get my money back. Did you take it or can you help me get it back?

Please do not post to unrelated threads. Create a new one where you elaborate in detail on what exactly happened to you, thank you!

Hi @Mojmir I am sorry i only posted on here because the authenticator was @ajkagy so i thought it might be relevant to them. I will open a new post now thanks.

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