Add 0xBitcoin support to the xdai side chain

Hi! I am a developer with the 0xbitcoin foundation and I was looking to add 0xbitcoin support to xdai - if that was possible. I was looking to write up a blog post about how to use 0xbitcoin with the xdai sidechain. Is there a way to set up a bridge for 0xbitcoin using already deployed bridge contracts?

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Please clarify what exactly is your idea.
I have some thoughts:
(a) bridge for 0xbitcoin erc20 token on ethereum side to erc20 representation of the 0xbitcoin token on xDai Chain side
(b) bridge for 0xbitcoin erc20 on ethereum side to a native 0xbitcoin on x0xbitcoin Chain built like xDai Chain

Please let me know.

Hi Igor, thanks for the follow up!
We were thinking of having a bridge where a main-net erc20 0xBTC token can be deposited in a smart contract, and a proxy token is created on the xDai network as you mention in (a).

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