Add WalletConnect Support for Staking via Blockscout

In a growing number of Dapps the use of mobile wallets is facilitated through WalletConnect. It became basically the de-facto standard to connect compatible mobile wallets like e.g. Trust Wallet, AlphaWallet, imToken or Argent, with Dapps and the underlying blockchain networks.

Integrate the support of WalletConnect with the web3-react package, in order to also provide the ChainID for the mobile wallet. Wallets will then be able to determine if they are able to interact with xDai Chain and open a session in order to create transactions.

This will simplify the use of STAKE on xDai Chain and opens up more interaction possibilities for other Dapps in the network.
Furthermore, it could help to reduce the friction to move STAKE from EasyStaking on Ethereum to POSDAO delegation staking on xDai Chain, if the bridging of assets is integrated into the mobile wallet like it is done in AlphaWallet for Dai <> xDai.


Another option for the integration of WalletConnect would be web3-modal.
There are limitations with both suggested packages, but @PeterTheOne could help with some learnings if you decide to do it.

Thanks for the suggestion.
There is an issue for such functionality Replace web3 provider with WalletConnect in staking Dapp · Issue #2703 · poanetwork/blockscout · GitHub but we didn’t have a chance to implement it.

Looking forward to implement it soon and will use web3-modal for it

cc @viktorbaranov

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