Adding PoA to dictionaries

Some of the famous dictionaries still don’t have POA (Proof of Authority) definitions

I think it would be good to add POA Network there

  1. Agree on detailed definition
  2. Submit it here:

What do you think?

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Also, it’s good to fix Wikipedia page


Here is a first draft that can be submitted to dictionaries. Although I feel it might need to be simplified for people that are not yet familiar with Ethereum… So it will also educate them a bit.

Also, instead of Proof of Authority consensus in general, let’s submit POA Network information:

POA (PoA) “Stands for proof of Authority” and is being used by POA Network

POA Network is an open Ethereum sidechain with Proof of Authority consensus, reached by independent validators.

POA Network is designed as a general application blockchain. I.e. what can be done on Ethereum network, can also be done on POA Network.

More information could be found at:

Let me know if you feel that something needs to be changed and updated and I will submit it once we have final version.

@igorbarinov For Wikipedia it might be better if you submit it yourself (different, more detailed version) it will have a greater chance of being approved.

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What exactly can we do to help out? Would re-submittal be helpful? How can we show support?

Also - have you already submitted, or looking for input prior to construction?

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Hi Jeff,

I am looking for feedback and input before submitting.


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I would probably drop the word “sidechain” as it, for me at least, implies a peg’ing to another Blockchain. Or keep the word and unpack it a bit more.

I sort of think that the wikipedia route is a bit better. And it looks like the Proof-of-Authority entry has a number of outstanding issues. The “insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject” stands out for me.

I think that some stick figures representing a mock system, maybe even contrasting to PoW, would be useful. Reading through the entry - there is a lot of pointing to primary sources. Most people don’t get their info this way (trust me when I say that this saddens me greatly.)

Sidechain is our new moto


Here is a page where POA Network is listed under Examples

If we create a separate “POA Network” Wikipedia page/article, then “POA Network” under examples would be clickable