Adoption ! can it be?

Incorporate xdai bridge to nifty wallet make a button to automate the transition from Dai to xdai to auto populate Xdai chain in xdai basket . Need a quick solution maybe a purchase button for that automates the bridge .
Idea being to simplify the process of on boarding Fiat via i.e. coinbase dai purchase via bank , sent to nifty wallet, button to exchange dai to xdai ( automate bridge smooth GUI ) built into the nifty wallet .

So send money thru bank to exchange , buy dai or other stable send to nifty .
Push a button within the nifty wallet and convert automatically to xdai .

This way only need to connect web 3 wallet to say honey swap . Ready to trade

Basically streamline this process and I believe it would drive adoption tremendously .
Because you will be able to point to one or two basic standards for mass people to be able to adopt .

Gas fees are ridiculous and this is your moment to shine!

The bridge UI update is smooth , works 1000 times easier …

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