After finalization of crowdsale, did not receive reserved tokens

I have created crowdsale contract from for 100m tokens and reserved 30% tokens for me.
Crowdsale Contract Address
Token Address

I finalized the contract from page only and it showed me successful.
But I didn’t receive my reserved tokens.
If there is any function we need to call from myetherwallet, please let me know.

Please help.
Thank you.

Did you switch to POA network in myetherwallet?

If your crowdsale is configured with reserved tokens you should to distribute reserved tokens before finalization Distribute reserved tokens · poanetwork/token-wizard Wiki · GitHub. But the problem is that your crowdsale doesn’t have reserved tokens destinations. See screenshot below:


I guess, that you didn’t press “+” button in step 2 of Token Wizard configuration. Thus, tokens were not reserved.

Thanks for the reply, is there any way to get those tokens back? I mean modifying the contract?

No, there is no way to get it back. New crowdsale should be created.

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I have the same probem, could you please check if i have reversed tokens or not?

crowdsale contract address:

Please open management page of your crowdsale. If tokens are reserved you will see the block like this:

In management page i cant see this Distribute Reserved Tokens menu just the FINALIZE CROWDSALE, what does it mean?

Thus, there are no reserved tokens for this crowdsale

Thank you for your answer