Airdrop problem

Hello, i was wondering how an airdrop could be done. As we now, fresh ICO’s have little worldwide recognition. So, in my case i would like to know how to do a airdrop meanwhile the ICO is still running.

Lets say an example: I configure to have 100M supply tokens if hardcap is reached. 30% of those will go to my Wallet (Founders wallet). And, from those 30M I would like to give 5M tokens to an exchange, lets say Binance, for them to release them as a airdrop in order to get more investors.

How can i do it? If not, any viable solution?


Check the community discussion and join it:

Currently, token wizard supports reserved tokens functionality, that is close to what you want:

Check, how to distribute reserved tokens in our wiki

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Ok Viktor, Thanks.

So as i understood the airdrop feature is still on development, right?

If i already created a token and the ICO is running, could i add the airdrop feature when you launch it in the future?


it is not in development right now - it is at community discussion stage.