ALERT in metamask while creating crowdsale

It got down to step “Register Finalize Agent Contract addresses” now in my metamask I am getting an error “ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.” . I hope I am not just siting here throwing away ETH

It completed but now shows no Crowdsale Contract Address, how can I change this or is there any way to? If not can I delete it off here and Etherscan and remake it?

Hello, please explain your crowdsale creation process step by step:

How much tiers in your crowdsale?
How much total transactions to create your crowdsale and how much was successful?
Did you have errors in the Chrome dev console?
How did you interact with Wizard on transactions confirmation step? just was confirming transactions one by one or doing something else?

It completed but now shows no Crowdsale Contract Address

Where do you see this?