Alexey Emelyanov, WA - Notary Public

As a computer enthusiast and technology advocate I believe in the future powered by the transparent decentralized systems. Blockchain happens to be that technology or at least its foundation. I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2009, around 2010-2011 I tried to mine it on my custom built PC, burned the GPU and put this idea aside for a “better time”. Around 2015 I became curious again, but learned that the Bitcoin market was long dominated by ASIC mining. So I started to learn about other opportunities. About the same time Ethereum system went live. Unfortunately I was late to the party (ICO), despite that, it inspired me to learn more about blockchain as technology rather than some specific crypto currency. It changed my perspective on the blockchain and its real potential.

The announcement of the Oracles Network in 2017 sparked my curiosity in the technology yet again since Ethereum launch. Oracles Network attracted me with its problem solving potential, both inside and outside the blockchain world. I am a strong believer that bringing this technology to masses will help change perception of the well-established “norms” and change the end users’ experiences and lives. I will be happy to serve as its ideological and technological advocate.

Full Legal Name: Alexey Emelyanov
Location: Seattle, WA
Notary License: pending…
Expiration: pending…



Notary License: 197023
Expiration: 12/31/2021