AlphaWallet as xdai chain validator

Hi Everyone!

Our team at AlphaWallet loves xDai and POA and we support both in our wallet.

I think it would be a good idea if we also became validators, however I was wondering what the exact requirements are to be one. Could you please elaborate?

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I have had many positive interactions with the Alpha Wallet team. I have respect for their very solid approach to engineering. I believe they would do a good job of being a validator.


Great to see Alpha Wallet 's intro! James, we are working on instructions for the validators nominees and will we will propose ballots for the voting soon, so stay tuned!

Hi @James-Sangalli

Our technical writer has just published a walkthrough / guide of what you and the new validator candidates need to do! It is published here

Any questions or issues you have please post it in our Validators Support :

As a validator ( we would be glad to see AlphaWallet become a new xDAI validator. Count with us to publish the ballot for voting. Just follow the instruction Mr @Ziggy shared and let me know.

Voting key: 0x8dAe59dD0FD249D67b5f40429bEce29dF398C4f2

Payout key: 0x642202F6C557079bEb858a7c1c01875fB40142b4

Mining key: 0x0a44c84C8d7a62D01652F7D7906B58633686c58E

Bridge key: 0xe7f8Cc031cc5b5d4F6e0aF9dbcAaDEc9dC61adA4

Let me know if you need further information :smile:


Sorry, but you have to split Voting and Payout keys because the smart contract doesn’t allow identical addresses:

Ok, added. See above.

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I have just created the Ballot. It is time for all the validators to vote

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Very nice, feel free to express Yes or No for the AlphaWallet’s validator.
The vote is not expressed automatically when you create it.

@GriffGreen and @mariano.conti please cast your vote :man_student:

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@igorbarinov yes! MakerDAO has voted in favor! Very impressed with AlphaWallet and the team, a great addition to the Validators


@James-Sangalli please let us know when you will install your node and we’ll finalize the ballot.

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Please let me know if you still interested in being a validator.

Hi All,

Sorry for my late reply. We have taken a look at the implications of running a node especially when it comes to things like security and constant upkeep.

We figured that if we are going to become a validator, we better make sure we do it properly and ensure it is secure, redundant and constantly online.

Considering that we are building a wallet platform and have a focus to make it great, we believe we should instead focus on that rather than splitting our attention on running a validator. We know that doing it properly would require a lot of focus being diverted away from our key goals where we can make the most value to the community.

For these reasons, we will not run a validator node but we still support what you are doing and I am sure we will cross paths again someday soon, especially as we are building a powerful framework that will make dapps (including the bridge and CDP portal) easy to use and rich in functionality, see TokenScript.

Keep in touch and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.