AMB deployments for Core and Sokol

Is Arbitrary Message Bridge Deployed for Sokol and/or Core network? I’ve found deployment for xDAI but did not found any for networks mentioned Above.

Thanks for the question!

The links to the AMB contracts between Sokol and Kovan can be found here:

The same information but for the AMB instance between the Ethereum Mainnet and the POA Network is here:

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thanks for pointing me to right page.

I’ve tried to use it in simplest possible way, but did not manage to get it working.

I’ve created simple contract on POA Core

and first called It from same address and call worked just fine

then I’ve tried to call this contract using bridge:

but I see no transaction from a bridge on a POA Core side.

@akolotov is any validator relaying this calls ?

Hi, we had synchronization issues with the RPC node working with the Ethereum Mainnet. I see that your contract was eventually called:

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I missed it. Obviously I should have been looking for internal transactions :sweat_smile:

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