Angeleen Wilson, Atlanta Notary Public



My name is Angeleen Wilson, and I am a Notary Public in the State Georgia. Among other things I am a blockchain developer and company founder creating decentralized applications and distributed solutions for the children’s education space. I love blockchain and its potential!

My professional background and current occupation includes Radio, Television, audience delivery liability reporting and data visual application development. In addition to my day job and blockchain business, I host the Women of Blockchain in Atlanta to help encourage women interested in blockchain to participate in this fascinating new industry. We have had great success. I also co-host a light-hearted podcast called CryptoRitas geared toward delivering emerging news and events on blockchain and associated emerging technologies.

I have helped organize and am working with various state legislators, leaders, enterprise businesses and communities building the Georgia Blockchain Coalition. I heard about POA Network in a couple of Telegram Developer channels. POA was getting good reviews, particularly for fast block times and inexpensive transaction costs. I followed up at and github and have been very interested every since. I would very much like your consideration in becoming a validator and will pledge my identity and integrity to do what is best for the network and all members. I am including my verification information below, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Name: Angeleen Wilson
Notary Commission ID: W-00365768
Commission Expiration: April 22, 2022
State of Georgia Notary Public Search:

Women of Blockchain (Atlanta, GA)
To come together to share, connect and inform about blockchain and decentralized applications across communities with diverse interest and experience.

POA Validators & Candidates Guide

Hi Angeleen, thanks for introducing yourself here, and nice meeting you and other blockhchain devs in the blockchain gaming dev forum!

There are several groups interested in spinning up regional POA Network Clone blockchains. I would be interested in following up with you on your Georgia project and see if there is anything I could do to help, or point you toward more resources on the POA Network wiki. I know we have discussed briefly your solidity development skills and if I can be of any help spinning up a test bootnode please let me know. This can help you be a better candidate for the Sokol (Test) network as well as helping introduce some facets of what can involved with a regional or perhaps State of Georgia blockchain. Thanks again for your introduction and let me know how I can be of service!



Hello Angeleen,

It feels great to see blockchain enthusiasts find POA through word of mouth in developers community. Your professional background and the level of involvement in blockchain space look very impressive. Thanks a lot for the intro. I wonder how regulatory climate looks like for blockchain in Georgia state?



Hi Angeleen,

welcome to the forum.


Hey Angeleen,

Welcome! It’s great to see another fellow developer passionate about blockchain.

I’m curious about the Women of Blockchain meetups. Would you say the meetings are mostly filled with those who already work/involved in blockchain or people that are totally new to the ideas/tech around blockchain? It’s nice to see that you’re so involved in your community.



Great to have you, Angeleen! Welcome to the POA community. Your background and blockchain experience are highly valuable and I look forward to working with you to contribute to POA Network.



Hi Angeleen,

Awesome profile :). Looking forward to collaborate with someone of your caliber!


Great to be here @pchen23! I look forward to working with such a great group and contributing to the POA network.


Thank you @igorbarinov. Honored to be apart of the POA’s network initiative.


Hello @MEM and thank you! Such a great opportunity to be apart of the POA network.


Thank you @henryvishnevsky very excited to be apart of such a great community of blockhain enthusiasts and innovators. It’s slowly becoming an important discussion and priority for Georgia in regards to regulation and legislation. I recently met with the state governor proposing the crypto tax bill legislation. It is still has a ways to go for approval but as more business, local government and community collectively work together it will open the door to pass crypto related integration.


Hello @ajkagy so glad to be here! The Women of Blockchain is open to all levels of blockchain knowledge even if the women have none coming into joining the meetup. Right now 2/3 of the meetup has some knowledge of blockchain before joining. On the dev end very few but it’s growing after I have gone to talk to other community forums like Women Who Code Atlanta and General Assembly.


This is interesting. I think focus groups break down walls that intimidate us from participating, and can help people join discussions they may not have been comfortable approaching. We are seeing many groups provide forums for blockchain, from sports and media industries to senior organizations looking for new venues that members can add value. As more people become aware, it is much easier to interact and ignore traditional boundaries often found in established industries, and we can all work together without worrying about how we are identified by others or ourselves.

Thanks for making Women of blockchain Atlanta happen, Angeleen, and let us know if we can help provide more specific POA Network information at one of the next meet-ups!


Thank you for reaching out @1proof and for mentioning Women of Blockchain Atlanta. I would really like to discuss POA in the next upcoming Women of Blockchain meetups so lets discuss further to find the best approach in presenting this to my local community and meetup.


That’s great Angeleen! I will reach out directly for follow up. Looking forward to helping include POA Network in the to the next Women of Blockchain Atlanta meetup.


Welcome Angeleen. Great profile!


Sounds great @1proof. I look forward to talking POA at the next meetup! Thank you for your help.



Thank you @Marat great to be here and nice to meet you!


Hey Angeleen,

Welcome to POA! Your experience looks great and I am interested in hearing one of your podcasts (very cool name). I did a presentation on POA at a Cryptochicks conference so happy to pass on any materials that can help you with your presentation!



I am listening to one of them “Crypto Travels” :+1:t2: