Angeleen Wilson, Atlanta Notary Public


Great @Marat such an interesting perspective from the crypto travel lady


Yes, very interesting. Traveling is a big part of my life, that’s why this was the first topic of my choice. Looking forward to other episodes. I’ll be at one of blockchain conferences in Europe soon and paid for the tickets in Ether… It was great except that I had to wait for about 30 minutes for this transaction to be completed. POA Network will change that soon!


Hello @shyang thank you for reaching out and so happy to meet you! I appreciate your help with the presentation so feel free to send it my way for the meetup. So excited!


Hey @angeleenwilson! Would be curious to hear how you feel blockchain can be applied in children’s education space. Can you please talk a bit more about what you are building?


I very much enjoyed the CryptoRitas podcast on Security Tokens from the perspective of a fund manager. Interesting positin - I’d like to introduce the interviewee, Rob Nance, to POA Network and its benefits. Here is the link for those interested:

Thanks again for the great resources Angeleen. I plan on listening to the rest of the CryptoRitas podcasts soon.


Listened it yesterday on the way to work. Great interview.

Here is a good video if you’re interested in security tokens topic:



Hello @oxanakunets great question. In regards to children education space, there is alot of information and paperwork both parents and school institutions have to deal with. Schools and Daycares operate on antiquated technology that slows processes, obscures critical needs, prevents progress, and hinders communication. School systems that cater to the needs of their students, each with different abilities and many in special circumstances, best support the communities in which they operate. An optimized school system leveraging seamless technology such as blockchain will help promote the best in students, help parents, embolden teachers, make administrators efficient, and improve the future of America and across the globe.


Thank you for sharing and listening to the podcast! Security tokens have become more and more of a dialogue for future investments that I think need to be discussed more.


Thank you @1proof for listening! It was very important to me to make sure it was a topic to cover for the growing rate of people coming into this space to consider when they build and invest.


Hi Angeleen! Welcome to the POA forum. I look forward to getting to know you better and what awesome things you’re doing in the children’s education space. Please link us to your projects. Wonderful :relaxed:


I meant more how exactly can you leverage blockchain in children’s education?


I meant more how exactly can you leverage blockchain in children’s education?


As a mom I am hoping to help bridge the ed tech gap in what I am building with Schooldapps for a better and more enriched experience for children with their education by allowing the administration and teacher to fulfill their roles more effectively. Currently, there are many different systems in which teachers must enter data like development plans for each of their students, progress reports and test scores. Yet when a teacher wants to retrieve the data he/she entered into the disparate systems, he/she either cannot access that same data (as if it entered a black hole) or he/she cannot easily analyze the date retrieved because its output is disjointed and nonsensical. Dealing with data input and output takes an inordinate amount of time and creates considerable frustration, causing many teachers to leave their profession. To deprive students of their teacher’s time is cruel and wasteful. Teachers need to teach. Others need to do the administrative technical work in a way that frees teachers’ time to focus on what’s most important – their students.

  • Using blockchain technology to securely store health records such as required immunization shots or health/wellness concerns and maintain a single version of the truth. By digitizing health records and empowering parents and students to share and communicate from doctor to school institutions.
  • Curriculum/Test/Transcript Validation is another way blockchain technology will help children’s education with encryption to verify academic grades and applicable program activity in an ecosystem for any type of learning or institution to program funding analysis and tracking.
  • Smart Contracts: An API gateway for donors as a development and an impact management tool that allows districts and schools to track gifts and pledges and their associated campaigns, funds and appeals in addition to soliciting new ones

Teachers need an integrated, seamless, easy way to enter data and access its resulting information while tracking it to tell the best story for children need and receive in education.


Hello @elillian. So happy to be here! I look forward to sharing more as my team and I continue to roll out


Hi Angeleen! Just checked out your whitepaper and there’s some great innovative ideas there. I like the transcript validation- that was a use case for our Hyperledger team too. We believe it could be useful in the future.

I like your innovative mission ideas. Why do you need a blockchain for each mission project? Can you make these happen without a blockchain?

Technically the following projects have the technology built already: several identity verification projects can be used for both the AI and smart card project for school children, but for many legal reasons can not be implemented in US schools yet. The same problem also applies to readily available children’s health and immigration records. How can a blockchain improve this?


Hello @elillian Thank you for your feedback. Each mission for the project will not necessarily need blockchain but will use blockchain for data record keeping and authentication as you mentioned with transcripts and verification for teacher/faculty employment and financial transaction/costs made for and by schools. As you mentioned there are laws in place (HIPPA) that have caused companies like Patientory for example to have issues utilizing the technology to share medical cares digitally from health care to outside institutions. I hope in time much like what California was just able to do with company stocks as a type of different use case ( will allow the technology with the privacy, scalability and fine grained access control it can offer to improve the accessibility of health and immunization records.


I just had a great conversation with Angeleen over a video call.

A very strong candidate, we spoke about diversity and inclusiveness and many other topics.

Thank you Angeleen,



It was great talking with you @MEM and learning about all your talents and knowledge. I look forward to connecting more.


Hello @angeleenwilson!

Happy to have you here, and I think the work you’re doing through CryptoRitas and Women of Blockchain is absolutely fantastic.

I’m curious: Have you ever considered opening up Women of Blockchain meetups in other major cities? I think what you’re doing in Atlanta, if replicated in other cities, would increase the number of women interested in participating in the blockchain world and provide a valuable network to women already interested!