Angus Ni, New York qualified attorney and NY Notary

Hello everyone,

My name is Angus Ni and I am a New York-qualified attorney and active New York state notary.

My crypto story: I got into cryptocurrencies mid last year with the great crypto-awakening of 2017, began researching the industry, and observed the constant speculative movements and industry-wide volatility with a combination of fascination and shock. Something revolutionary was clearly happening, but in what direction? And for what use?

As I researched, it quickly became apparent that the infrastructure that would power the decentralized economy has yet to be built. Protocols espousing various values, politics, technologies, and fundamentally different consensus models are competing to serve needs that are still being conceived.

What was also clear was that the standard protocol models: PoW, PoS, and their various derivatives, all intentionally avoid integration/compliance with existing systems of law and governance, making adoption difficult. POA Network’s model of staking personal identities and reputations is a radical governance innovation from these decentralized but anonymous consensus models, and I believe it occupies an undefined but valuable role in the protocol eco-system. While full real-life use-cases that would rely on POA’s consensus model have yet to emerge, I am interested in being a part of developing and enabling that process. To that end, I have reached out to some existing validators to learn about their experience as validators, and started setting up a bootnode with their guidance. I would like to seek everyone’s support to deploy it and eventually move towards becoming a full validator.

How I will contribute to POA: I think I could make valuable contributions to the network because I am a professional litigation attorney. I have practiced litigation in New York since 2013, specializing in securities litigation for the past two years in particular. My experiences in cryptocurrency investing and securities law allowed me an entry into cryptocurrency-related litigations, and I am currently working on one of the few major cryptocurrency litigations making its way through the courts.

My legal experience makes me uniquely aware of the responsibilities and legal implications of staking one’s identity, address, and professional reputation for the security of a blockchain network. To illustrate what I mean, I will post a thought experiment in the “Legal” section of the forum to galvanize some discussion on this point. Lastly, I am fluent in Chinese, reading and writing, and since there is a big Chinese community following for POA, I hope that my Chinese language background will generate more support for the network.

I look forward to learning from and contributing my expertise to the validator community. Thank you.

NY Notary Registration Number: 02NI6371492
Commission Expiration: 02/26/2022
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-Angus Ni