Any way to eliminate the $13 Unlock fee to convert Dai to xDai?

When I used to convert Dai to xDai, the MetaMask popup showed a $13 fee to Unlock the DAI, which must be paid in ETH.

Can that $13 Unlock fee be paid in DAI? Otherwise, I will have to instruct new users that they must deposit both DAI and ETH in their MetaMask wallet to use xDAI.

Gas on mainnet is paid in ETH.

However you can avoid paying the mainnet gas fees by:

  1. Buying xDai or STAKE on BitMax and withdraw them directly to your wallet on xDai chain.
  2. Using fiat-on ramps: Ramp Network or Mt Pelerin
  3. Using the bridge from BSC

1, BitMax is not available in U.S.
2. My users will not want to install any apps.They want to do it online (they use Coinbase).
3. Please provide a URL for “the bridge from BSC”.

No need to install anything when using the Ramp fiat-onramp: Ramp Network - xDai STAKE

Here is more info about BSC OmniBridge: Binance Smart Chain Omnibridge - xDai STAKE

Thank you for your reply.

  1. The Ramp fiat-onramp linked to Ramp, which does not have xDai on their list.

  2. BSC OmniBridge requires BNB on the Binance Smart Chain to complete a bridge transfer.

Please provide the least expensive way to convert USD (or a US debit or credit card) to xDai, and xDai to USD (or to a Walmart or Amazon gift card.) My users will not want to go through difficult KYC processes.

The only method I know of is to purchase DAI and ETH at Coinbase with a debit card, copy the DAI and ETH to MetaMask, and then use the xDai Bridge to convert the DAI to xDai (you need the ETH for gas). This process costs $25 in fees,

I am designing an xDai app that creates NFT’s, and a prediction wagering website. The biggest problem is convincing people to use xDai, because $25 is too much to spend to convert $100 USD to xDai (and then another $25 to convert back to USD).