Anyblock Analytics ( as an xDAI Validator

Hi Everyone,

Anyblock Analytics ( would like to support the xDAI Chain as a Validator and Bridge Operator.

We’re running a lot of different blockchain nodes as part of our analytics stack and are also a validator for the EnergyWebChain.

We’re already running listening nodes for POA Core, Sokol and xDAI.

After talking to @igorbarinov, we’d like to become a part of the xDAI family.


Mining: 0xDb1c683758F493Cef2E7089A3640502AB306322a
Voting: 0x751F0Bf3Ddec2e6677C90E869D8154C6622f31b2
Payout: 0x097675397247B83242c92622B154F174067De9D4
Bridge: 0xaEa7A7adfF75d41797bAf43CDec1BFD7d686a1a6


Hi Sascha

I had the pleasure to meet you at a community event a while ago and like what you are doing. The lab10 collective would be glad to see you join the xdai validator set.

I’ve thus created a proposal and voted for it:

@xdai-validators please express your opinion too by voting


Awesome, thanks! It was dAppCon Berlin, I think. It’s a small world :smiley:


Congratulations. The required number of validators to vote you in as a validator of xDai has been reached. :star2:

In ~ 32h the ballot can be finalized by any validator and your mining key and the corresponding node will start to create blocks.

Please check the validator process flow

P.S. You can skip Bridge node sections. Likely we will not onboard new Bridge validators before upgrade the xDai bridge to support MCDai. Migration to MCD for xDai bridge

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Please let us know when your node is online and one of validators will finalize the ballot.

@saschagoebel a friendly ping

@igorbarinov On it this very moment. Can you give me the netstats URL and secret?

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Node is up, but Netstats not reporting yet.

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Hey @saschagoebel welcome to xdai validators.

Please check out our private channel to get netstat server info


your first xdai block:

Once you’ve gone through the Set Medadata step, the name will be shown instead of the mining address.


Thanks guys, got the netstats reporting, but when I open the “Set Metadata” page in the validators portal, I neither see a way to select that this is a company account nor can I add an e-mail address. Am I on the right page?

There is a bug in the current Validators DApp for the Set Metadata page. We’ve already fixed that but not merged to production yet. Please try to use Validators DApp in until we merge

When we merge that, the fixed version will be available at

@saschagoebel Please try again with - now that should work.

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Successfully updated :+1: Thanks!

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