Anyblock launched JSON-RPC professional service for xDAI

Hey guys, Anyblock Analytics has launched our JSON-RPC professional service on xDAI now! If you’re currently working on xDAI or planning to set up your own node, now you can connect to our API with 1 line of code. Our “all-inclusive for all networks’’ subscription packages include alerting and archive data. You can test it for free before committing and as a fellow forum user, you can go ahead and get 20% off your first month - use coupon code xdaiforum during checkout. → Landingpage

We are a German blockchain analytics company supporting multiple blockchains with JSON-RPC and data indexing tools. We’ve been an xDAI validator for ages, we have extensive experience in Ethereum, Chainlink, TheGraph, etc. If you need reliability, great support, and a genuine understanding of your project, we can help!


Use our xDAI dashboards for free:


Thank you Freddy! All of them are super cool.