Archer Hobson, TX - Notary Pending

Hey POA community!

I’m Archer and my notary license is pending in the state of Texas where I was born and raised. I’ve worked in technology for over 7 years now as a Founder, Product Manager, and Software Engineer. I am in the process of launching my company, Traction Hound, a growth-focused marketing project management tool. Currently, I am consulting with startups on analytics implementation, and marketing growth strategy and implementation while I undertake some more intensive software development courses.

I believe in data ownership and I think that the blockchain can empower us to control our personal data destinies among many other potential applications. This past year, after getting my DNA sequenced, I decided to go through a “blockchain business model” exercise to understand what it would take to create a company such as ancestry on the blockchain. I learned a lot about the technical challenges, regulatory risks, and philosophical questions surrounding the industry.

You may have recently heard in the news that the Golden State Killer was caught with the help of one of these companies to reverse engineer his genetic fingerprint which ultimately landed him incarcerated. I am not condoning his actions, but the simple fact that a company can hold so much power and be utilized by law enforcement to influence your life scares me. That example is ultimately a net positive thing, we obviously don’t want evil roaming the streets, but I think there are potential negative opportunities out there. Consider this, if ancestry decides to work with insurance providers and raise your premiums based on your genetic fingerprint? Or for Gattaca fans, provide a dating application such as Tinder a genetic score of your life potential for dating purposes? The point is you are not in control, and I think a system that puts you in control of who has access to your data gives you back the power. I remain a realistic optimist about the potential of this technology and believe that infrastructure platforms such as POA are the key to enabling the industries and companies of the future to provide that control.

Currently, I am completing some intensive development courses to become a remote full-stack web developer. As an extension of these courses, I am taking some specialization classes on blockchain development and data science including machine learning. You can view some of the past projects I’ve worked on here as a Product Manager and Software Engineer,

I would love to lend a hand with the development of the platform when I am proficient enough and I am also working to become a Sokol test network validator. I have been following the blockchain space for a few years now and have been looking for a community where I can have a real impact on the direction and implementation of the platform so I am glad I found POA.

More personally, I am a travel nut. I have lived in Thailand and Argentina as an English teacher, Netherlands as a student, Colombia as a remote worker, and visited a number of other places. I love learning new skills and applying those to interesting projects. Personally, I think the blockchain and POA will have an extraordinary impact on these emerging markets.

While in Argentina for almost 2 years, I made a living as a business English teacher earning in the local currency. This is where I truly experienced inflation for the first time in my life as the cost of living expense rose faster than my earning power due to central bank mismanagement. Two interesting facts about Argentina, there is a thriving black market for US dollars because locals do not trust the bank’s exchange rates, and two, when purchasing or selling a house, you have to withdraw that money and put it into a duffle bag to deposit it into the selling partie’s bank. There were countless stories of people being robbed of their entire net worth the moment they stepped out of the bank trying to complete the transaction. I think a system such as POA can solve these inefficiencies and trust issues in emerging markets where it is a real day to day problem.

I look forward to contributing to the community and I am excited about the opportunity!


Name: Robert Archer Hobson IV
Notary Commission ID: Pending
State: Texas


Hi Archer, welcome to the forum! Great to hear from a true Texas person. Interesting take on the DNA, I had recently taken a DNA test and was very concerned about privacy and the future use of my genome data.
I would also be interested to chat about the the application use cases of the blockchain on the emerging markets. While most of the focus is concentrated around developed countries and the old problems in the modern world, I think developing regions would benefit not less from it.

Hey Alexey, thanks for the warm welcome! I completely agree. I think we will see some industry changes related to data ownership, especially with the recent issues with a few of the big players.

For emerging markets, the use case for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies remind me of WhatsApp. Before, carrier costs made it prohibitively expensive to send messages across their network until WhatsApp came along to solve this problem. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I think it solves a niche problem where existing institutions and systems can’t or won’t solve them in an efficient manner.

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