Artiom Curencov, Colorado Notary Public


My name is Artiom Curencov. I am an active Notary Public in Denver, Colorado. My work and passion are in the mobile software quality engineering field, where my job is to ensure delivery of high quality software to more than a billion Android OS users around the globe. Mobile computing has changed the way people communicate, exchanging value and information instantly. Border-less and permission-less is a liberating and fascinating trend sweeping the world.

I believe the future of computing is mobile, decentralized and distributed. Today’s blockchain technology is in early stage, and still needs reliable, user-friendly tools and infrastructure so applications can build on top of it and be ready for mass adoption. This is where POA Network R&D team shines with its cutting-edge solutions. As far as enabling blockchain use and access for everyone, POA Network is an industry leader.

I have studied the POA Network Wiki on github as well as asking some existing validators about what it takes to get more involved. The importance of validator role on POA Network and its responsibilities was made clear, and to support the network I deployed and am monitoring a Sokol test network bootnode since 05/13/2018, seen at I know that the principles of consensus of individuals are integrity and respect. It would be my honor to serve as a validator on POA Network. I highly value the opportunity and will use my skills as a senior software engineer in test to bring tools to the blockchain community. I look forward to helping any way I can. Thank you for the support!

Name: Artiom Curencov

State of Colorado Notary Public Commission number: 20184021010

Commission expiration date: 05/17/2022

Link to Colorado Secretary of State Notary Public verification resource:




Hello @acurencov! Nice job on getting a bootnode setup and helping out the project.

I’ve been discussing with others a lot recently about the possible applications of the technology, and I’m curious to know if you see any potential applications. It’s always interesting to hear the viewpoint of someone else, especially someone with a technical background.

How did you hear about POA?


Hello James, thanks! @henryvishnevsky originally sparked my interest in POA Network. I was surprised to learn how elegantly it solves ETH scalability, high transaction cost and has faster speed, better security and decentralization at the same time. POA Network is truly designed as general application blockchain and allows virtually limitless number of applications to be built on top of it.

I would be particularly excited to see more user-friendly wallets with dapps support the likes of Trust to be built for mobile platforms.


Hello Artiom, Welcome! I am a big fan of Trust Wallet App and its built-in DApps browser:

Simple, elegant tools are the keys to adoption. The POA Network development team is leading the space to help blockchain become more accessible. Thanks for your introduction, and good job spinning up your Sokol bootnode. I look forward to learning more about mobile DApp development in the established industry; seeing a lot of movement in the space.


Welcome to POA forum Artiom :blush:

Love your support for POA’s technology and R&D Team!! :relaxed: Looking forward to reading your experienced test engineer perspectives in the forum :heart: Welcome Artiom!


Hi Jim,

I’d like to learn more about how POA Network development team is helping the blockchain become more accessible.

It seems the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies is still owned and transacted by speculators who often hold on to their coins rather than by regular users in day-to-day transactions. There are reports on the number of crypto wallet users/accounts, circulating coins, etc., but these metrics are not always reflective of a true coin flow.

Besides recently introduced POABridge and POA20 (yay!), what are your plans in speeding up the adoption and improving accessibility? What are your targeted user groups now and long term? Are the improvements to accessibility you’ve mentioned related to the POA Network roadmap to become a platform with multiple PoA networks connected by interledger protocols in the 2nd half of 2018?

I’m curious to hear thoughts from others as well!

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Hello Jim, thank you! Do you know if Trust wallet team has plans on integrating NFC technology? Android platform has NFC API open to the public. I saw few bitcoin wallets have already supported NFC. This will make it easy for merchants around the globe to integrate the technology. Imagine, just tap NFC tag with your phone or smartwatch and pay for goods and services with POA while benefiting from the network fast and cheap transactions.


Hello Lillian, thank you for your warm welcome!:blush:
I’m looking forward to contribute in anyway I can.

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Maybe this a a good thing you can work to help Trust Wallet App with - they are an excellent Open Source company, always testing and adding features. I am happy to introduce you to the DevTeam.


Hi Artiom and Jim! I apologize for intruding with a loaded question in a validator intro. The theme of Artiom’s intro and Jim’s comment on accessibility sparked many questions. I’ll create a separate topic for these. Overall, I completely agree with Artiom that the blockchain technology needs user-friendly tools and infrastructure to foster mass adoption. It’s exciting that all of us here are looking for ways to contribute to that! And a belated welcome, Artiom!


Hi Kristina, great to see you here. Any questions are welcomed and appreciated. My sincere congratulations on receiving your notary license. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Artiom and good job spinning up your bootnode for the sokol network! Would be great having another developer on the network, especially a mobile developer. I like the idea of NFC technology being integrated within an app for easy adoption just like you see Apple pay, Android pay, Samsung pay, Chase pay and I am sure more I have missed, but have always wanted to see a crypto pay on a POS machine or possibly POA Pay. Welcome to POA community and results will be in soon on validator candidacy.


Welcome. Excited for your candidacy. What do you think about blockchains and mobile? Any projects that you might know of that are working on mobile blockchain deployments?

Hello Stephen @hashguide, thank you for your support. Mobile technologies are embeded in our day to day lives. They are greatly improving speed of communication, the way we navigate and bank. I agree that mobile payments platforms are already widely used today and mobile crypto payments are coming in the near future. Recent news posted by @Ziggy about POA20 token integration with CoinPayments platform are truly exciting.

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Hello Oxana @oxanakunets, few exciting news poped out around Consensus 2018 time. Several mobile giants HTC and Foxconn announced development of blockchain-powered smartphones. For example, HTC phone named Exodus, will be based of Android OS and will have support for major blockchanin networks and decentralized apps. I can’t wait to play with these new creatures.

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Hey Artiom, I know you have a Sokol bootnode going, but just curious if the other node running in your name is a sokol validator? If not, might be a good idea to get one going on the test network. Also, wouldn’t be a bad idea to support core network by deploying a bootnode for core, the more the better!

Hello Stephen, thanks a lot for reaching out! I have been running both Sokol Validator node and bootnode for a while. Please find them on

Thank you.