Austin Griffith as an xDai validator 😁


I’d like to get the ball rolling on being an xDai validator.
I am particularly interested in becoming a validator because of my work with the Burner wallet.
Let me know what I need to do.


Hello hi Good morning!


Yes! Great news Austin. Fully support this. Burner Wallet is the main reason why people know about xDai and that showcased the possibilities that this network has. Looking forward to the ballot!


100% in favor of this!


Can xDAI handle a second Griff? I believe so. :slight_smile:

So @austintgriffith would you be doing it in the name of Gitcoin? Or would it be just your node?


Griff, good point. xDai validators supposed to be organizations in a form of a legal entity, a brand, or
a DAO.
@austintgriffith can you participate as xDai validator as BurnerWallet brand?


I am in favor given the great work done so far. I also agree with @igorbarinov, validators aren’t supposed to be individuals. What’s your proposal @austintgriffith? BurnerWallet?


Austin’s work is awesome. I think he would do great!


We are currently working on instructions for the validators nominees and will we will propose ballots soon, so stay tuned Austin!


Hi @austintgriffith

Our technical writer has just published a walkthrough / guide of what you and the new validator candidates need to do! It is published here

Any questions or issues you have please post it in our Validators Support :