Becoming a validator

Just wondering if there is information on how to become a validator, what is involved etc :slight_smile:

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Resources can be found here.

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Here is is the official link from the POA Network Wiki on requirements to become a Validator:

While U.S. Citizenship is not a prerequisite, a primary requirement for Validators is they must be a Notary Public in good standing in their State of residence. Make sure you go through the rest of the Wiki and if you are willing to commit to the responsibilities, consider making a introductory post here in the forum. Good luck!


There are open questions

  • what is the timeline between application and onboarding to Sokol
  • what is the timeline between onboarding to Sokol and onboarding to Core

@alexanderjbeal I appreciate your contribution here POA Validators & Candidates Guide

would you like to calculate days for existing validators to be onboarded on Core after their Forum Introduction?
This will give estimates for new validators about the process

Name Forum-> Sokol Sokol->Core Total
Marat Pekker
Alexey Emelyanov
Adam Kagy
Xiaobo Chen
Angeleen Wilson
Oxana Kunets
Walter Karshat


Calculations have been made

Guide is updated