Big stupid mistake

Hello! I mistakenly sent the POA network token with Binance to my ETH wallet. Only then I learned that this is not erc20 tokens and you need to switch the network. Is it possible to somehow return tokens to my wallet?

Your tokens are not lost. Just switch to the POA Network in the Wallet you sent your tokens to and you are good to go, or download a wallet with native support for POA like:

Import your wallet and you are good to go.

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Thank you. I just saw your response after reposting for assistance. Ill try it out!!!

The issue, eidoo, isnot POA native. Any other suggestions, in this case?

Please contact support of Eidoo and ask them to help you.

Eidoo, says, contact the POA network.
Dear philipmarcotti,
Thanks for the kind email.

POA is an Ethereum sidechain and therefore is not supported by your Eidoo Wallet. Please contact the POA issuer in order to get information about how do you recover your Token back.

You can check our FAQ page to get other useful information regarding the Eidoo wallet.
Feel free to contact us again, should you require any further assistance.
Kind regards,

This is why Ethereum and many different protocols have some time before Blockchain is truly mainstream. Sending tokens manually is a pain that until fixed, no everyday user will want to be a part of. Hopefully someone develops a front end program that ensures seeds are private and can ensure address’ are linked appropriately before sending to the wrong location like you.

I feel bad my dude and I hope someone can help you redirect and return back your funds. Good luck.

Eidoo holds your private keys not POA Network blockchain/team.
I’d use that as an argument.

Rookie mistake, for sure.

Any updates from Eidoo team?

Bring them here :blush:

Fyi - this is only 777 POA. Not the farm. The solution will be more valuable.

hello!! I have a problem sending caca radio coins via the bep20 network directly to the poa network through the trust wallet application, can my coins be recovered ?

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