Binance situation in America

From September 13, America ceases to service Binance! and since the market share is large, the Poa token will not be available there - are you going to increase trading floors with the token somehow! Listing on other top exchanges like Exmo? or how to expand the recognition of this project? In order for the price to grow, you need more so that people know about the token

Does anybody have any more information on this concern ?

information about whether poa will be traded on binanceUS? I’m interested in you because the market share in America is poa customers, without them it’ll be very bad

It’s interesting that none of the Poa team gives a specific answer, it turns out that the Poa coin is doomed and will soon fall even stronger? since there is no talk about the token itself and information too

  • POA token was not selected for the Binance USA.
  • We don’t plan to facilitate new exchanges at the moment.

Although, we plan to increase usecases on POA Core network and launch a new AMB (arbitrary message bridge) between POA and Ethereum to make interoperability easier for projects.

Igor, explain how this can affect the pricing of the POA token? I want more specifics about POA, not about XDai and the like … namely, what processes are used to increase POA token demand

Some strange POA token activity over the past few days

Date Open* High Low Close** Volume Market Cap
Sep 19, 2019 0.018073 0.018165 0.016320 0.016715 440,996 3,680,137
Sep 18, 2019 0.017374 0.024878 0.017282 0.018061 3,295,049 3,976,401
Sep 17, 2019 0.016546 0.018333 0.015998 0.017188 434,784 3,784,144

Volume of 3.2 million…interesting

yes, probably the exit of us citizens! since Poa is not available in their country, and the Poa team does not officially say anything about stimulating and supporting the growth of the token itself - I think the Poa team no longer develops the token and does nothing to increase its price, so it is in 500th place capitalization! All the more, note that not one person from the team does not answer such questions as what they are doing to increase the demand for the Poa token, what decisions are being made so that the Poa token grows in price and is in demand! I’ve been trying to hear the answer for more than two weeks - they are silent and this gives reason to think …

Игорь вы можете нормально ответить и сказать , какие действия применяются для увеличения спроса на токен Poa ! Собираетесь ли расширять торговые границы и добавлять токен на другие биржи ? Coinbase добавляет какие то не понятные токены , вы будете действовать аналогичным образом ? Или вы бросили проект и развиваете xdai ? Расширения торговых границ повысит спрос на токен Poa - вы должны это понимать , раз повысит спрос значит и цена токена вырастит ! Какие у вас планы именно токена Poa для того что бы цена и спрос росли ? Написал на русском так вы тоже Игорь хорошо владеете русским