Block mining time

I’ve noticed that we have a following block time schedule:

  1. every 3 blocks take 5 sec to be mined
  2. every 4th block takes 15 seconds
  3. every 5th block takes 25 seconds.
    Why is that?

54 PM

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Thank you for reporting. We are aware of this lag and asked validators to re-install their nodes after the incident with a bootnode.

@phahulin Pavel, is it the problem with stats server or authority round behavior with offline authorities?

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Of all ever registered miners currently only 5 = (4 + 1 initial node) are online and mining:

dd0bb0e2a1594240fed0c2f2c17c1e9ab4f87126 +
b512f482c8b26887b00335c29de25c03261fa038 +
6aff2328ed176550b8454c2b12a437b4f2c696c5 +
c1a5b2e4b842b139f1f57601e0d38b764feb65b0 -
fe1a1f829f3001db98219865fbdee68e41e90d89 -
58bad7cf29428c3d17cb859f5c580d3c25f134cd +
0b55fdba9e288c23cf3eb04c6f237d3bd0f751d6 +
1f6bde6d907e25d907820b6180589537d077a6f9 -
0e59f9957722ecae11cb65ba46bcac53f6761fe1 -
b62087e0ad336ab6beec4dced8a1f3b05beddd63 -
62b567818a4c61767763c321b666fd4c564160eb -

In authority round next block’s validator is selected from the list of all validators based on current step using round robin algorithm. Each step takes approx 5 sec, so if several consecutive validators are offline there will be a time gap between successive blocks.

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I will wait til October 12 and I will start voting process to kick them off.

@rstorm You can start to create proposals now

Didn’t hear for a while from

will update their nodes next week. They had problems with reactivating

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I did:

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