Block mining time


I’ve noticed that we have a following block time schedule:

  1. every 3 blocks take 5 sec to be mined
  2. every 4th block takes 15 seconds
  3. every 5th block takes 25 seconds.
    Why is that?

54 PM


Thank you for reporting. We are aware of this lag and asked validators to re-install their nodes after the incident with a bootnode.

@phahulin Pavel, is it the problem with stats server or authority round behavior with offline authorities?


Of all ever registered miners currently only 5 = (4 + 1 initial node) are online and mining:

dd0bb0e2a1594240fed0c2f2c17c1e9ab4f87126 +
b512f482c8b26887b00335c29de25c03261fa038 +
6aff2328ed176550b8454c2b12a437b4f2c696c5 +
c1a5b2e4b842b139f1f57601e0d38b764feb65b0 -
fe1a1f829f3001db98219865fbdee68e41e90d89 -
58bad7cf29428c3d17cb859f5c580d3c25f134cd +
0b55fdba9e288c23cf3eb04c6f237d3bd0f751d6 +
1f6bde6d907e25d907820b6180589537d077a6f9 -
0e59f9957722ecae11cb65ba46bcac53f6761fe1 -
b62087e0ad336ab6beec4dced8a1f3b05beddd63 -
62b567818a4c61767763c321b666fd4c564160eb -

In authority round next block’s validator is selected from the list of all validators based on current step using round robin algorithm. Each step takes approx 5 sec, so if several consecutive validators are offline there will be a time gap between successive blocks.


I will wait til October 12 and I will start voting process to kick them off.


@rstorm You can start to create proposals now

Didn’t hear for a while from

will update their nodes next week. They had problems with reactivating


I did: