Blocks not imported on explorer for over 14 hours

I made a few transactions yesterday on Matic, and noticed that several blocks around that time yesterday haven’t been imported to Matic Mainnet Explorer. As a result, the transaction is missing under my account, and the balance hasn’t updated and shows up incorrectly. Any idea how long it shoud take to process those blocks? That should be impacting many other accounts as well.

There’s a huge chunk of blocks that were not imported between 15217196 and 15217287. You can see more here:

Please help. I was mining from Ethermine… I used Meta Mask. I switched my payout Method from Etherium to Matic on Meta Mask Wallet. I then went to Meta Mask and set up the wallet corretly. However the money was sent out as soon as i switched my wallet to metamask. before i could even set up the matic in my wallet. Is there a way to get my money to my wallet. All i have is the transaction id on ethermine.