BlockScout 2.0 Is Here

The release of BlockScout 2.0 is the first major platform upgrade since its launch in October of 2018. The vision and objective for BlockScout 2.0 was to continue to provide the best block explorer experience by ensuring users can easily verify transactions, balances, block confirmations, smart contracts, and other records on various chains in a quick and seamless manner while also providing a customized user experience based on each individual network supported by BlockScout.

What’s New with BlockScout 2.0

The BlockScout 2.0 update is a big release that is made up of over 20 new features and enhancements and over 35 bug fixes and patches. The new enhancements deployed with BlockScout 2.0 include:

Major Facelift and Theming Capabilities

BlockScout 2.0 marks the first major design upgrade of BlockScout since its launch. The new user interface has been added to all the networks hosted on

The redesign includes a refined layout that enables BlockScout to present more information to the user in a clear and concise interface. It also showcases BlockScout’s versatile theming capabilities, allowing for branded themes and templates for networks that are hosted on

Verifying Transactions Through Other Explorers

For every Ethereum transaction on BlockScout, we have created external links to other explorers which users can visit to double-check with other sources. This is a valuable part of the user experience and contributes to further decentralization within block explorers, allowing the users to verify their information with other explorers.

BlockChair Address Page Showing BlockScout As A Verification Link

BlockScout Corresponding Address Page Showing Verification Throught Other Explorers

Integration of the Staking Application

We recently have published our unique delegated staking algorithm paper and implementation, POSDAO. As we near the completion of the consensus implementation, we have started on creating the staking application and user interface. This application is directly integrated into BlockScout, which makes it easy to execute various staking actions such as:

  • Delegate tokens to different validators
  • Move, deposit or withdraw stake
  • Declare validator candidacy.

And more. With each new release, new features of the staking application will be added allowing for a fluid experience for users, validators and delegators.

For a full rundown of all the features, fixes and patches in BlockScout 2.0, check out the release post which contains all the details.

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