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BlockScout CloudFormation Architecture diagram

POA team has been working hard creating the CloudFormation template according to the high AWS standards. While we are still working on releasing it, I suggest you check the proposed architecture diagram in the image below.

The idea comes as following:
Each community member may deploy BlockScout to it’s own AWS account and, optionally, connect it to custom domain. As a prerequisites - deployer must have Ethereum node that works in archive mode. During the configuration process deployer will be asked to input a number of parameters, for example - a connection string to Ethereum node.
Once the deployment process is finished, users will be able to connect either through AWB Application Load Balancer DNS or through custom domain, register and authenticate through AWS Cognito service.
A single node in an autoscaling group will be deployed initially with a possibility to scale it to as many nodes as needed, keeping in mind the average workload. The nodes connects to the AWS Relational Database as shown on the diagram.

Follow us for more information about AWS BlockScout CloudFormation template in future.