Forum cannot see my new stake tokens

Somebody help me please!

I bridged some stake today from eth mainnet to xdai today via omni bridge and claimed my tokens from the delegators on xdai, and blockscout dont detect the transfered, nor the claimed tokens!
I can see all of it in metamask on the xdai network.

Is this just some display bug or what? It is quite frustrating since I would like to add 1 more delegator and get the “insufficient founds” message!
edit: I did this before many time and the tokens are always arrived(I see it in the “token transfer” box in the explorer at my address, but it is not there in the sum when I check my tokens!)

I dont want to send my tx hashes due to privacy issues, but I can pm to some support if it is needed.
Sorry if it is up somewhere here, I cannot find any info!
Thanks in advance!

Hi Norisz,

If you don’t want to post tx hashes here. You can reach the team directly through Intercom. It is located on the main website in the bottom right corner:

Please share the tx hash and more info there.


Thank You very much!

It fixed itself, but I had to wait 20-22hrs for blockscout to show the correct amount for some reason.
It was instant every other time.
I always use 2 gwei for the transactions!

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