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BlockScout Pricing

BlockScout: The open source Ethereum Explorer

BlockScout by POA, with its open source software value, has created a lot of value for the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole; being the first and only full-featured open source blockchain explorer, comparable with Etherscan. Its development is solely driven by the needs of its users and the desire to provide a transparent tool for exploring the transparent blockchain.

We’ve been live since October 2018, and our development activity has not slowed down with over 500 stars, over 4000 commits and 53 contributors so far. As months have passed, and BlockScout has proved it’s worth to the community with the inclusion of 10 different networks including Ethereum mainnet, we’ve come to a revenue recurring model that allows BlockScout to remain open source and self-sustaining while providing interested parties with premium benefits.

Hosting your chain on BlockScout.com

Users and developers around the globe are using self-hosted versions of BlockScout for their networks which works perfectly fine for them and allows them to have a full-featured explorer that they host themselves. There are networks and chains who would like to not only have a full-featured block explorer, but also the visibility of being part of other major networks on BlockScout.com. A chain that is part of BlockScout.com, gets higher visibility for the various users who visit the website every day. Hosting a chain on BlockScout.com requires support and funding not only from a technical point of view but also from a UX and resources point of view. The pricing for being hosted on BlockScout.com is as follows:

  • A one-time 2500 USD setup fee, which includes customization of theme and including into list of networks on BlockScout.com

  • 1000 USD monthly or 800 USD monthly if prepaid for 12 months.

  • A 20% discount on the above prices on the condition that the payment is made in POA tokens which are then sent to a burn address.

A chain that is hosted on BlockScout.com receives the various benefits including:

  • The branded theme for the UI
  • Automatic updates to a stable version of BlockScout
  • Customization for specific parameters of the chain such as market cap, names of validators
  • Dedicated support from BlockScout core team

If you would like to be included in BlockScout.com, please do contact us below and we will be in touch to set up a call and discuss the chain’s needs and take the next steps into integrating it into BlockScout.com