Blockscout sync debugging

Hi everyone! We just completed an install of Blockscout on AWS following the online guide, but it won’t sync with our node. The syncing message does not even appear. Any ideas on how can we debug this? Thank you.

Hi, do you have an installed node running on the device? Also which guide did you follow? Automated deployment from AWS marketplace or manual deployment?

And when you run the mix phx.server command, what do you see on the terminal?

Hi, and thank you for your reply. The node is not running on the same device, is another server in AWS. The node seems to work fine, I can connect to it with Metamask. Yes, we used the AWS marketplace deployment.

Not sure how to run the phx.server command when on AWS! The deployment added a bunch of servers that we cant access as regular instances. AWS feels very complicated, we may just try to bring up a regular instance with the server.

Again thank you for your help!

Remote node on Blockscout seems problematic, at least it didn’t work for me on manual deployment. The Blockscout makes a lot of requests, which gets blocked by firewall on the node or device simply can’t reply to that many external requests at once. So it is better to host a peer node on the device that Blockscout runs. At least that’s what I know.