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BlockScout v3.1.1-beta

BlockScout v3.1.1-beta

Extending of searching capabilities and stabilizing of ABI encoding/decoding.

  • Searching capabilities are extended with searching by verified contract name.
  • ex_abi ABI encoding/decoding Elixir package was refined for correct support of dynamic length types in release 0.3.0 of package. Blockscout starts to use this version of ex_abi from the current release.


  • #3058 - Searching by verified contract name


  • #3053 - Fix ABI decoding in contracts methods, logs (migrate to ex_abi 0.3.0)
  • #3044 - Prevent division by zero on /accounts page
  • #3043 - Extract host name for split couple of indexer and web app
  • #3042 - Speedup pending txs list query
  • #2944, #3046 - Split js logic into multiple files

@viktorbaranov Could you clarify, what will happen if there are a few verified contracts with the same name? Will Blockscout find all of them?

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@varasev if multiple verified contracts/tokens match finding pattern, Blockscout should find them all. However, it shows at maximum up to 10 elements in the dropdown. Thus, if more than 10 elements found Blocksout will suggest the first ten. Although, the max number of elements is configurable. And we can increase it if needed.