BlockScout v3.3.0-beta


  • #3174 - EIP-1967 support: transparent proxy pattern

  • #3173 - Display implementation address at read/write proxy tabs

  • #3171 - Import accounts/contracts/balances from Geth genesis.json

  • #3161 - Write proxy contracts feature

  • #3160 - Write contracts feature

  • #3157 - Read methods of implementation on proxy contract


  • #3168 - Eliminate internal server error at /accounts page with token-bridge type of supply and inexistent bridge contracts

  • #3169 - Fix for verification of contracts defined in genesis block

Is there a data migration strategy for the indexer when upgrading from a previous version? For cases where quite some contracts are already verified - and devs would prefer not to re-verify + it would be nice to not have the indexer to fetch ALL the blocks

Is there a strategy for upgrading already in place?