Brian Rust, FL - Notary Public

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brian Rust, and I have worked in the public accounting profession in Orlando, Florida for the past 4.5 years. I also have held an active notary commission and real estate broker’s license from the State of Florida for the past eight years.

I consider myself fortunate in that my career and passion for blockchain technology overlap. I work to spearhead the professional services offered nationally by my firm for clients operating in the diverse cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. My recent projects include tax compliance and planning for high net worth individuals, many of whom were either early adopters or founders of various cryptocurrencies, strategic tax consulting for technology companies pursuing ICO funding, and operational consulting for large scale cryptocurrency mining operations. I am also a member of our firm’s national federal tax strategies team where I perform R&D studies to secure tax credits for startups investing in the development of new technology and processes.

As an active member of a large investment group comprised of multinational technology, legal and finance professionals, I also personally invest in projects that drive blockchain ecosystem growth. Our group identifies projects with strong teams, then performs due diligence, research and technical analysis. If aligned with our fundamental values and goals, we work vigorously to partner with the project’s founders to capitalize and grow their community. These projects are personally important to my wife and I as we have family members living in parts of the world where there is a real and immediate need for solutions that help bank the unbanked.

I would like to pledge both my personal and professional reputation to the POA Network by serving as an independent Validator. I have studied the POA GitHub Wiki – - and discussed the role with independent Validators to better understand the responsibilities. I recognize that a validator is required to participate in on-chain governance, maintain their node at all times and act in good faith. I look forward to the opportunity to fulfill these responsibilities. I am in the process of deploying a Sokol (Test) Network bootnode to familiarize myself with the process, and will be ready to deploy a Validator node when allowed.

The POA Network team and community are to be commended for their invested time, effort and capital. Active communities like POA Network offer an exceptional environment for projects to grow, evolve, develop, and foster long-term success. Thank you for your consideration.

Full name: Brian M. Rust
Florida Notary ID #: 1288979
Florida Notary Commission #: FF 142754
Commission Expiration Date: July 16, 2022 (renewed from July 16, 2018 exp)
Florida Department of State notary lookup:


Welcome to the community, Brian!

I’ve added you to the validators guide - you’re official. All my tax related questions will be directed to you from now on. Hope that’s ok? Would love to hear how you heard about POA and your perspective on some of the projects new developments.


I’ll second the welcome to the community!

Do you have much technical experience with running servers or blockchain nodes?

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Hello Brian, thank you for introducing yourself. You have a very impressive resume; your level of expertise and experience is welcome here in the POA Network community.

Many of us have seen and heard news stories of how blockchain is beginning to make inroads in property sales and ownership. As a participant in the Real Estate industry (with Florida a leader in Real Estate blockchain transactions), it would be great to introduce POA Network to market participants to help reduce transaction expense while improving property right protection for owners. Is the Real Estate industry ready for this, or do we in the community need to to provide simple use cases to encourage participation?

Thanks again for your introduction, Brian. Even though you are familiar with POA Network and have been around a while, welcome aboard!



Hi Alexander, and thanks for the welcome! I’d be more than happy to help out where I can with clarifying the tax implications of cryptocurrency for our community. This is a big area of tax compliance and planning that my firm and I are working to help clarify for our clients and the broader crypto community.

I am a big believer in projects that look to build innovative approaches to the base layer protocols used by blockchain applications and communities, and I found POA to be a unique approach to the issue of scaling, consensus and governance. I’ve had a chance to speak to a few validators and other members of the community about the current model, and I can already see several real world applications where a validator based protocol like this could provide an effective solution for enterprises and associations. I think the POA model could even be deployed as an alternative to some of the solutions being offered by the traditional tech giants like IBM and Microsoft.

My plan is to just continue to read as much as I can and contribute any thoughts or insight I gain from my work with other individuals and founders in the crypto community. I’m also excited to continue sharing the POA project as an example of another approach that businesses could use in this space to achieve their objectives.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for the welcome as well! I’m very excited to join this community and help further the project.

I really don’t have much technical experience with running servers or blockchain nodes yet, however I am very interested in gaining more hands on time with it all. While this isn’t my primary profession, I would like to continue to deepen my understanding of the overall technology. I’ve been studying the documentation available on GitHub and the articles provided by DigitalOcean, however I think the real learning is just going to come with playing with it more. I actually really enjoyed the information systems classes that were in my bachelors and masters programs, however I feel that it really just provided a basic understanding of the overall concepts as compared to what a CS professional would learn.

Looking forward to learning from each other!


Hi Jim,

Thank you for the compliment, and I look forward to adding as much value as possible to the POA Network community.

I believe the interest in blockchain technology for the real estate industry is only going to continue to grow, and I really can see how this would be one of the first major areas that this tech truly starts systemically disrupting. While the title and property record functions are already being actively targeted for blockchain business use cases, I really see an untapped opportunity for us to consider the practical ways that a POA-based blockchain could be implemented to manage the access to the massive amount of listing data being generated and shared among the national, state, and local level Realtor associations.

Accurate and timely listing data is one of the most coveted pieces of investment information used by real estate investors and professionals, and the local Realtor associations absolutely appreciate the value of this data. I think the POA governance model would also fit well with the annually elected board member model used by all Realtor associations. I would be very interested in helping to craft a sample use case that we could use to present this concept to any number of local, state or national Realtor associations.

I’m very excited to work with the POA Network and active community members like yourself.

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Interesting analysis Brian. Because of the incredible volume and value of listed properties, I can see how property listing data as you describe might often be the subject of dispute. recording and storing the instance of listing, agents and other data on The POA Network is a an excellent way to document event and effort ownership in a trustless manner. Thanks for your insight and feel free to contact me directly if you are looking for help in this area. Welcome to the POA Network community!

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Thank you for the feedback, Jim! I will definitely reach out to see if we can develop this idea further.

I was also thinking about this a little more this morning, and can definitely see several additional ways in which even more participants involved in this business ecosystem would also benefit from access to this data beyond the traditional Realtors who assist with buying and selling homes.

The idea definitely needs more polishing, specifically as it relates to the tokenized economic incentives that would be built into this type of business environment. However, I definitely think it presents yet another exciting opportunity for the POA Network and community to develop a technology that would disrupt the status quo of the largest trade association in the US.

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Welcome Brian, you have a very diverse background!

I really enjoy your mention of investing in blockchain projects that help the global ecosystem grow. How do you think POA can serve this purpose?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Welcome to the POA Network community, Brian!

Speaking of applying blockchain to real estate use cases and banking the unbanked, what are your thoughts on integrating crypto lenders into the real estate ecosystem both nationally and globally?

Welcome to the POA Community, Brian!

I witnessed a friend recently go through the home buying process. Since every real estate transaction goes through the Multiple Listing Service, I experienced some of the inefficiencies regarding MLS. A lot of the information my friend and I found to be difficult to access for people who are not real estate professionals and did not appear to be up to date.

I could also see a fit for blockchain technology to help solve some of these barriers with MLS by having a secure way to share data in real time to access property information straight from the source for a more transparent view. This would make it the entire buyer and seller experience more efficient, holistic and smooth for all parties involved. I look forward to seeing the use-case.

I am also curious to hear your opinion on the best practices for miners to prepare for tax implications. The complexity of tax implications and cryptocurrency is something best left to the professionals and strategized well in advance.