Bridge token - Validators keep searching for the transaction


The following transaction is stuck in the bridge after 71 confirmations.

Validators and the bridge do not seem down as I was able to bridge other tokens after this stuck transaction.

Can you please help me?

The transfer is still stuck after 4 hours.

Hi! Sorry for delay. We have found that due to an unclear issue with Infura, the oracles skipped one transaction. We pushed the oracles to confirm it and now your tokens are bridged: Transaction 0x76441d4adce9ce199811ad1a76c80378ff815e1939fe9d4e0bf4339e52dc069a - xDai Explorer

Same problem with:

check now mine just came through

Please double check. One of the bridge oracles was on maintenance. It is up and running now and I see that your transfer has been executed.

any way to know when you are doing maintenance in advance?

It was not planned as to take much time. Moreover it was assumed that two oracles is enough. But in this particular case another oracle was out of operations as well. We will make sure in the future that a) enough oracles are on duty when one is on maintenance; b) more oracles added into the bridge validator set.

ok i understand, thank you for your reply