Bugfix on Core network (step 1)

Dear Core validators,

We found a workaround/solution to Parity bug https://github.com/paritytech/parity-ethereum/issues/9764 observed on some nodes. The solution was successfully tested on Sokol, see:

This requires changing RewardByBlock contract to let it gracefully handle unexpected input parameters that seem to be sent by Parity. Here is the Pull Request with the actual changes: https://github.com/poanetwork/poa-network-consensus-contracts/pull/205

So, now we need to apply the same changes in Core.

The fix would consist of the same two steps:

  1. create a ballot to change implementation of ProxyStorage contract to allow it to change RewardByBlock implementation
  2. after p.1 is done, create a ballot to change implementation of RewardByBlock contract that contains the actual workaround/fix

The proposed updated version of ProxyStorage contract has already been deployed and verified: https://blockscout.com/poa/core/address/0x7b2a3e7376b629e6c9f48b20c14a1633fde71639/contracts

So we’d like to ask one of you to proceed with step 1 and create the following ballot on CORE network:

 - ballot type:       Modify Proxy Contract Ballot
 - proposed address:  0x7B2a3e7376b629e6C9f48B20C14a1633fDe71639
 - contract type:     ProxyStorage
 - ballot end:        set this to 1 week ahead (it should be enough time to let all the validators give their votes)

The ballot (Proxy Ballot ID: 0) has been created